Why I am continuing past 50 days of daily blogging

This blog post was written by voice dictation on my iPhone. I list this fact for those who are looking at alternative methods to get their blog posts out each day.

I started blogging every weekday, in August 2017. I started daily blogging in September 2017. Now I begin October still going strong. If I have already proven that it can be done why on earth would I want to continue?

There are several benefits to daily blogging that I refuse to give up.

1. I am getting my thoughts out into the world every single day. This means that for the blog posts that do not hit, I do not lose anything, but if the blog post hits, I have helped someone. The better I get at daily blogging the more chances I have to hit the mark, And the more people I can help.

2. I have never in my entire life written every single day. I have written lots of content in my life. I even wrote for the newspaper at my college, but I have never, even when I was studying playwriting, written every single day of the week for multiple weeks. This is a habit I am now proud of and giving it up would mean losing a major achievement in my life.

3. The next step for my life will be writing for half of my day on weekdays and a few hours on weekends. This muscle that I am working and building up is very similar to lifting weights. I feel that the more I do it and the more consistent I am, the more likelihood I have of getting my books written, more content out on other sites, and more preparedness on my podcasts.

4. Even though I have gained a level of competence in daily blogging, I have not yet gained confidence in broadcasting my blog posts to the world, mastering social media in relationship to my posts, or gained a following of loyal readers. Unless my work is getting out there and being shared around it is not really helping people, and the entire point of this is to positively affect the lives of others.

5. It forces me to think through concepts from start to finish, in a way that having interesting thoughts without an consistent outlet, does not. The way I look at the world and describe those thoughts to others, is one of my strengths. If I keep the thoughts in my own head and I only share them during my talks, workshops, or during coaching sessions, then only a small amount of my internal content will become clear and effective.

6. No matter what happens, no matter how bad my day is, no matter what has gotten in my way of my other goals, I can always look at my day and recognize that I got a blog post out. Sundays that is the difference between going to sleep in a funk and going to bed fully satisfied that something positive has happened.

I hope that some of these thoughts have resonated with you, and they might encourage you to continue walking and riding consistently. Even if you do not block daily, having a consistent schedule, and getting content out on a regular basis, can be extremely rewarding.

If you haven’t started blogging and think it would be helpful for your life and your career, I encourage you to set up a free blog and go for it!

photo by Guillaume de Germain