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I started this crazy weekday blogging challenge last month that had an amazing impact on my life. Accomplishing the goal of writing consistently and getting content out on a schedule was challenging, rewarding, and will be memorable for years to come.

So why on earth would I move to an ongoing habit of blogging daily when that would take even more of my time and energy? Why what I want to sign up for another blogging challenge at all?

After speaking with Jason Scott Montoya, we became convinced that there were people all around us who would see a benefit in their life, as well as in their career by forming the habit of writing daily. We wanted to begin the process of creating the environment and effective supporting resources to help new bloggers become inspired, start strong, and have the support that they need in order to accomplish their first month of blogging.

We are starting out with a list of writing prompts that I compiled from existing prompts around the web to act as our test month. My hope is that we will learn from these writing prompts, and it will allow us to generate our own specific prompts that are primed for new bloggers to help them launch.

But why would I want to take part in this next challenge if I have already succeeded at blogging for a month? The difference between this challenge and the one I did last month is that I will not be able to deviate too much from the plan. I will be writing based exactly on the prompts that are previously decided upon. I feel that being blogging based on an editorial calendar will give me the next set of skills I need in order to become a disciplined writer of books.

I have three books that have been outlined and are waiting on a version of me that is capable of sitting down and churning out the needed number of words each day. The addition of “Writer” to my existing “Speaker, Facilitator and Coach” is one that I am taking very seriously. My hope is that by helping others, I will be helping myself.

We have created a community of new bloggers and are organizing ourselves through an online software called mobilize.io.

The Weekday Blogging Team

As part of the September Blogging Challenge, I will be joined by several others. Here is a list of my fellow weekday bloggers.

So here we go! Another month of blogging! If you’d like to join us check out this blog post for instructions. Is not too late! If you want to wait until October to begin, check in with me and join the list!

Shoulders of Giants (what does this mean?)

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