What I’ve learned from 50 days of blogging

This blog began as a challenge from my friend Jason Scott Montoya. I started blogging every weekday for the month of August 2017 and then upped it to daily blogging when I hit September.

What I’ve discovered about daily blogging

When to write for best flow?

I thought at first that I would write each morning starting at 6:00 am and post by 8:00 am. I knew enough about my need for healthy tension to help me focus and get the words out. This worked just fine for the first two days. Then I had a morning where things went off the rails, my day blew up, and I found myself sitting down to write that evening at 8:00 pm. I stayed up past my normal bedtime in order to finish and the next morning I didn’t find a flow as I started to write. I used the morning time to go into my potential future posts and think through them, giving them more prep to be written later. That night at 7:15 pm, I sat down to write and it went perfectly. I realized I created an 8:00 am deadline for no reason whatsoever. I now work my future posts in the morning and write in the evenings.

How to write for maximum output?

I went through several different methods for getting the words out of my head and into the blog. I tried voice dictation which worked great for posts that didn’t need any type of cross-referencing. I tried several different types of keyboards and found that my fastest typing speed was directly onto my MacBook Pro.

Where to write to account for distractions?

My first week after discovering nocturnal writing was best, I wrote in my bedroom with the door closed to avoid all distractions and write quickly. This got me feeling disconnected from my wife very quickly. The next night I wrote wherever she was reading or watching tv. I found that when I was in the room with others the distractions weren’t a problem. Sitting and watching 30 seconds of tv would actually cause me to disappear into my head and I would start writing without thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, I still write during the day, away from others, but if I write in the evening, I do it around others.

How often to write?

I mentioned before that I shifted from writing weekdays to writing daily. Why on earth would I want to increase the number of nights that I write when I was already hanging on by my teeth? The weekend break from writing wasn’t a break at all. I found myself getting to the end of my weekend and having a harder and harder time getting back into the flow again for the weekday writings. I also found that I missed it. For me, writing has become a surrogate for performing improvisation. Keeping a steady rhythm of writing is just what the doctor ordered.

What did I write?

I’m not going to list out all of the posts that I wrote during September. Instead, I am going to list out my favorite high-quality posts from the beginning to today. I give them the tag of “featured.”

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 Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash