Trying to beat my high score at “Headline Analyzer”

It is 9:10am and I need to leave in 20 minutes. Where did the time go? I’ll tell you.

I started my morning by reading Jason Montoya’s blog post The 17 Tools I Use To Move Blogs From Concept To Completion wherein Jason reveals some really great behind the scenes advice for blogging. About halfway down the page he lists The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.  

Without compelling headlines, people won’t be interested in reading what we’ve written. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the tool I leverage to take my headlines to the highest level. Their neat tool will grade my first headline attempt and provided recommendations on how to improve it. The tool is free to use but requires an email address to access.

Well lets just see how my headline for the blog post I was supposed to be writing this morning scored on the scheduler…

Not bad right? A 73? I mean it is a green circle so that is something. But clearly, it isn’t an “A” which my brain desperately was hoping for. So lets try again.

Wait a minute!? What happened? My score went down. I tried several more times. Still a low score. Still, there was the ugly amber telling me that I wasn’t hitting my mark.

This story is pretty easy to predict at this point. That’s right… I just kept playing this new video game, trying to get a higher score. I lost my valuable writing time this morning because I started to focus on being “right” and not on writing.

So you need closure don’t you? Well I have it for you right here. After all of my attempts, I never reached a score higher than my original 73.

Also… the headline for this post I just wrote? It got a 62.