The Atlanta Improv Dojo

Once a week I, and a group of my students, gather together at a private residence on the northeast side of Atlanta GA. We clear out and take over a the large living room there so that we can go through the tension relieving and mastery building exercises that make up “The Flow” in the Atlanta Improv Dojo.

The goal of the dojo is to utilize mindfulness via tai chi principles to achieve mastery in improv techniques. 

What I love most about this project is that a majority of my week is spent applying improvisation to other concepts and skillsets while this project is about the application of another disciple to better the improvisation of the students.

The Flow is focused first on the individuals in the group and getting their minds and bodies ready to play mostly through the release of tension. The second focus is getting the group’s minds together and get them functioning as a group by creating the right level of safety and non-judgement. The third is to focus on the improv itself and what elements of the craft are under our direct control. 

Below I have listed the order of the flow. Soon I will be doing a series of podcasts, videos and training sessions to enable other groups all over the world to adopt The Flow and apply it to their work. 

The Flow

Section One – Focus on Self

I am my breath
I am my emotions
I am physical
I am my heartbeat
I am enough

Section Two – Focus on Group

I am soft focused
I am forward energy
I am instant action
I am support
I am the group

Section Three – Focus on Performance and Craft
I am world building
I am time and space
I am specific
I am bold
I am pure play