Technical Difficulties for Post #60

Sometimes succeeding at something means bringing to light inadequacies in surrounding processes. I found out that my GoDaddy account that I have had and used for many years, is not set up to be able to handle real usability of a blog. The RAM is not enough to handle what I am working on and therefore I get stalled out database requests and minutes of downtime when I post.

I find it very interesting that when I signed up for the account, I was attracted to the “unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth” part of the sales pitch. What isn’t apparent unless you know what you are talking about (and I didn’t) is that unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have enough Random Access Memory.

My various websites at, and are all impacted by this singular deficiency.

Next steps will obviously be beefing up my package with GoDaddy, but before that can happen, I must get some sleep.

Gnight all.


 Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash