October 2017 Springboard Blogging Challenge

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Are you someone who wants to start writing a blog? Have you started a blog but somehow it fizzled out? Well now is your chance to get it moving!

On Monday, October 2nd 2017, some colleagues of mine and I will begin blogging every week day of the month. There are 22 week days in October. You are encouraged to join us.

The helpful content below is a hybrid of a post by Jim Karwisch and a post by Jason Scott Montoya, the two creators of this blogging challenge.

Blog Guidelines (not rules)

  • Try to write at least 400 words in each post
  • Create for yourself a “content garden” where you can fill in ideas as you have them and grow the posts a little at a time before writing out the full post
  • If you need examples to get you started, check out http://sethgodin.typepad.com/or http://acuff.me/
  • It is better to write than to be right. Just write. Free yourself from judgment.
  • Link back to this post at the bottom of each of your posts and encourage others to join you.
  • If this is your month one in blogging, please make a link to this page from your day one post where you describe why you are doing this challenge
  • If you have any questions you can Contact Me

Blog Prompts (if you need them to get you going)

  1. Write about the challenge and why you are doing it
  2. Describe FIVE things you have done that you never thought you could do
  3. Describe FIVE people you admire
  4. Write about your first job and what it taught you
  5. Write an open letter to your 15-year-old self
  6. Describe FIVE things you wish others knew about you

Blog Ideation Tips

Blog Title Tips

  • Unique Blogs: Use a unique and specific title for each blog post, and inject emotional words to draw the reader in.
  • Title Optimization: Use the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to optimize our headline title for emotion, power, and length.

Blog Content Tips

  • Visual Content: Use images and graphics throughout the content. This helps break it up, allows users to quickly scan the article and provides visual elements to engage the reader. If you don’t have a design resource, check out Canva. It helps quickly create great visual content easily.
  • Good Beginnings & Powerful Endings: Make sure to start your blog off with a bang, and end it with a memorable takeaway.
  • Content Headers: Break up multiple paragraphs with content headers. These help readers scan for what they are looking for and can make longer posts seem shorter while reading.
  • Full Width: My preference is to usually make the image and graphical elements full width.
  • Labeling: Place the content in relevant categories. Adding blog categories just to try and get more search exposure can backfire and be annoying to readers. The same goes with tags.
  • Internal Links: Link associated content to different past pages on the website.

Blog Marketing Tips

  • Manual Sharing: When the tools don’t automatically share, we can do it manually. I’ll usually share my content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, & Pinterest.
  • Syndication Tools: Buffer is one of many social media sharing tools. It allows me to add blog posts and it will automatically share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, And Pinterest.

Jason also put together a list of tools he uses to make every blog post happen. You can read it here.

Join Us Officially

You can join the community if you like by registering at the following link: https://blogging-springboard.mobilize.io/registrations/groups/15290

 Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash



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