What I am focused on NOW


These are the side projects I am working on NOW:

As a way to get my voice out into the world, I share my thoughts on my personal blog.

I podcast with my colleague Sebastian Ruf at Improv in Action where we discuss the theory of improvisation and how to focus on the right ideas and activities to grow and develop yourself as an improviser. We are coming back from a hiatus so you can use our pause to catch up on season one!

I give talks with my colleague Mike Gorgone, on the application of Improvisation to User Experience at improvux.com

I am writing a book called  The Improvisational Leader focusing on the improvisational skills for those shifting to new levels of leadership.

I teach a weekly workshop called The Atlanta Improv Dojo that is focused on improv mastery and is limited to 12 members who have prior improv training. You can contact me if you live in Atlanta and want to give it a try!

Updated Friday, November 10, 2017