Landing on My Blogging Style

After weeks of thinking and researching, I have landed on a blogging style that I feel I can feel confident in. My daily writings have mostly happened at the end of the day and have centered around a lesson that I taught, learned, or acted upon since waking that morning.

I fought pretty hard against this type of blogging because it did not follow the format of “five things you need to succeed at succeeding” which I had been led to believe was my avenue to success.

Jason Scott Montoya taught me that all blogs boil down to these three purposes: Educate, Inspire, and Reassure.

I believe that, depending on the day that I have had and what it has been filled with, I have been hitting each of these purposes at different times.

So from here on I will be writing from the view point of the lessons that I have learned, taught, or acted on today.