Infinitely Re-watchable – The Lost Room Miniseries

The Lost Room is my favorite sci-fi television show of all time. The idea that an ordinary looking motel room key might be sold for two million dollars or that everyone in the room might be killed horrifically in order to steal it captured my imagination from the first scene. How about a comb that can stop time? Or a pair of scissors that can levitate objects and people?

Hasn’t caught your interest yet? For those out there who are not caught up by the fantastical world and objects, there is a very nice story underneath as a detective searches for his missing daughter. For everyone else… let’s continue.

Let’s jump back to that motel room key again for a moment. Imagine that you had a key that could be fit into any lock, on any door in the world. Once the key in the lock is turned, the other side of the door is replaced with an ordinary looking 70’s motel room. If you go inside the room while holding the key and close the door the first link is broken and no one can follow you into the room. Once inside the room, anywhere in the world that you imagine will be on the other side of the motel door when it is opened again. You are in your bedroom, put the key in the lock, open the door and you are inside the motel room. Think of a restaurant on the other side of the world, turn the door knob, open the door and you have arrived ready to order dinner.

The fact that this show was cut off in its prime and not given additional episodes goes down in history, alongside Firefly, as one of the most frustrating sci-fi television decisions of all time. That’s right, there are only six hours of viewing available in this miniseries. Just long enough to take us on Joe Miller’s journey to retrieve his daughter from another plain of existence. So why even mention a show to you that ends after a single season? For me, it is infinitely re-watchable. If I am feeling depressed or need to take my mind off of something, I can pop in this DVD and I am immediately engrossed in a story I have seen many many times.

Do you have an infinitely re-watchable or re-readable story like that? A book, movie, graphic novel, stand up comedy album or tv show? What are the elements that grab you? The way that it makes you feel? How it capture’s your mind’s eye?

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