IKEA chairs, Steven Universe, and Spark Plugs

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Just a quick update from an exhausted brain!


I made a decision on Friday that I would spend a significant amount of time getting my new house fully functional for the beginning of the work week. Mission accomplished! My office is bare bones but is functional. Our kitchen can be cooked in! We know where our clothes are!



My five year old built two IKEA dining chairs with very little instruction or help from me. I showed him how to use a hammer and how to turn an Allen wrench and otherwise just held the furniture upright so he could reach the pieces. So proud.


There is a great show out there that everyone knows about but me till now. It is called Steven Universe. It is something that I feel ok letting my little guy watch and is also highly watchable by me. This is a great success for me to be able to enjoy what he is watching.


I got ahold of a donated lawnmower and changed the spark plug, the air filter, the oil, and added gas! It doesn’t run but it sure sounds like it wants to be a lawn mower which is really encouraging. I feel very manly.


Now that I have everything out of storage and in the house I realize that I have the right tools to do a lot of things that need doing. I realized today that I felt disconnected in a way by not having the right tool at the right time for the right purpose. My toolbox is all re-organized and spiffed up and has met a fair number of fix it challenges head on already. Did I mention I am very manly?

Alright. That’s it. Time for bed.