I will not… break… the chain…

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It is 9:22 PM on my longest workday this week and I have officially run out of steam. My evening writing time was used up trying to fix the Internet which went down a few hours ago. I am now on my phone’s internet which, until midnight tonight, has been reduced in speed to a snail’s pace.

If I don’t have it in me to write something spectacular tonight, why am I posting at all? Because I refuse to break the chain. I have hit the mark every day since the beginning of August, and not blogging tonight would result in me losing my entire streak and starting over. This is of course unacceptable. 

So here is a list of things that happened to me today in bullet point format. These are in no particular order. 

  • My tired brain flaked out as I stopped at the end of the off ramp to I75 today and my car cut out because I forgot I was driving a stick shift. 
  • I participated in micro-lending to someone who needed a new pair of shoes for work the next day so they didn’t lose their job. 
  • I ate a sushi bite at lunch that I continued to experience for the next three hours of my day. 
  • I gave someone a high five when they pronounced “participatory” correctly. 
  • I received this praise on Facebook, “James Nolen Karwisch sells himself short. He’s an improv & corporate training goldmine, and his rice pilaf redefines the word “savory”. 
  • I cried a bit from stress about money. 
  • I ordered an unsweet tea and enjoyed it as much as I used to enjoy sweet tea. 
  • I helped someone carry giant bottles of wine. 
  • I saw rose buds forming on rose bushes in my new front yard and took the time to smell them. 
  • I listened to an absurd amount of 80’s music on my free trial of Sirius XM. 
  • I talked a friend through running an improv show and what he should be considering and avoiding. 
  • I helped my son and niece find four posters in the mall as a part of “Rome Reads” at the mall so they could win prizes and their school could get library funds. 
  • I stared at a black box with lights that went one flashy green, one flashy red, one solid red, and one solid green and repeated this pattern many many times.
  • I wrote a blog post on a phone keyboard. 

That’s it. That’s my post. It will have to be enough because ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.