Client Breakthroughs

Lightbulbs, aha-moments and the sound of “click” are my favorite part of coaching. When you feel that rush of excitement and you see the client “get” that they just got it. Hardly anything is better.

Just before this moment, when things are slow going, and the finish line seems so far away, or wheels appear to be spinning with no traction, I find myself focusing in even closer and preparing for success. Experience teaches that you are always just one divergent idea away from the thing that makes it all go zoom.

For me, the most consistent thing about coaching is how individual each individual really is. Though they may have many things in common with other clients, how you get to the final destination can be as unique as a fingerprint. What is that one right word? What is that synchronous question that makes its way past the obstacles and defenses and land squarely in the center of clarity?

Today was a great day that was filled with these aha-moments. I was able to work with different clients, on different types of problems, in different formats and all of them using the same listening, clarifying and question asking mindset.

When a day starts at 6am and ends at Midnight and you find yourself still brimming with enthusiasm, you know you are in that perfect right spot. The spot where work and play have become synonymous and if you didn’t have a need for finances, you’d be doing it all anyway.






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