Changing Gears to More Intentional Writing

I survived a total of sixty days of blogging before I finally hit a day where I had no time, no content, and I failed to post. Writing every day and blogging every day are two different beasts and though I am getting right back on this horse and continuing to blog, I am changing the level of intentionality and how my writing pipeline is focused.

#1 – Writing About Blogging

Previously in my blogging, I would hit days where there was a snag or a hurdle that caused the post to be meta and about blogging. The difference between how they were written before and how I will write going forward is in the tone, voice, and style.

If I hit a problem, I will no longer write the entry in a journal style but instead, write it from the perspective of a guide who is 100 yards ahead of and can see just over the next ridge. I will break down exactly what I experienced, how it compares to things I have experienced in the past, what I did about it, and how I think it will help others on their journey.

#2 – Writing by Category

I will be filling my content garden with new ideas that are based firstly on my expertise and secondarily about things that are fun to write about.

Filling out my blog with posts that cover the range of my specialties is the new point of my blogging. Proving I can write daily is a goal that has been accomplished. Now I am focusing on sharing things that have an impact. Getting ahead of my publishing far enough that I am rounding out my content and giving equal weight to all of my areas of knowledge and experience is my new focus.

#3 – Writing for my other Blogs

I have other sites that I will be fleshing out with blog posts weekly.

  • DuMore Improv – Improved Leadership and Business Management through improvisation
  • – Mindfulness, and mastery through improvisation
  • – Better user experience through improvisation

For each of these blogs, I will write the post and then cross-post it here to my blog. Because all of my other blogs are also within my specialties, it will not look very different from the perspective of a reader on this site. It will, however, be a much more intentional and organized series of posts with fewer posts being “a day in the life” type entries.

#4 – Writing and SHARING

I have set up a account and will be feeding in all of my posts to social media. Up to this point I have been picking and choosing which of my posts should be shared.

My new criteria for each day’s writing will be “write only things that are worth sharing.” This means that publishing a post purely for the purpose of not failing at “daily blogging” is out the window. If I write with the goal of quality and I fail, a post will not go out until it has been improved. Most days this will simply mean going back to the post the following morning and improving it. Essentially I have changed my viewpoint on what it means to “fail” in the short term vs. what it means to “succeed” in the long term.

#5 – Writing my Book(s)

I now have my daily writing habit fully engaged. My writing has improved, my word count is higher, my typing speed is back where it was years ago, and there are far fewer pauses and struggling for descriptors as I write.

The habit of writing daily is needed for more than my blogging. I have two books that are ready to be written and a third that will be co-written. Now that writing is in my muscles I will be pursuing getting these books out of my head and into the hands of those I can help.


I will be changing the standards of what I am writing as well as the formats and blogs. This should improve the usefulness of my writings and allow for my content garden to be more fleshed out and healthy.

 Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash