Blogging without a Net

Because I am an improviser, and I am used to working intuitively in situations that offer no plan B, you would think that starting a blogging challenge with no prior prep would be right up my alley.

The reality is, I woke up this morning realizing that I had crashed in bed last night without drafting a blog entry for this morning. I quickly looked over my list of blog ideas and I came to the conclusion that all of them needed more time and thoughtfulness than I had to give if I were going to get something out this morning before my drive into Atlanta.

Naturally, my brain did something that was not at all productive for my current needs… it started to lecture me on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

“You have done enough projects to know that you need a pipeline ready for this very reason!” Said my brain.
“But Brain,” I said back to my brain “I started this blogging challenge right at the beginning of the month and there wasn’t time to create a pipeline! Anyway, I do have tons of ideas, they just aren’t far enough along to launch this morning.”
“Oh I see,” said my brain “and who’s fault was that? Your improv sure has put you in a pickle this time hasn’t it Jim? Perhaps you should give up spontaneity and settle down with a nice data entry job… blah blah blah” and of course I stopped listening.

And so I drove my son to school, made myself a cup of tea and started writing. Is there value in this stream of consciousness post? Is it enough of a slice of life to be interesting? Perhaps it will be an interesting read for those who know me. They can sit with their own cup of tea and nod their heads at how this is very much something that Jim would do and what a crazy life that Jim guy must lead.

When I think back to the blogs that I used to read in the old days, back when blogging was new, there was something called “Live Journaling” and I suppose that is what today’s entry has become. If we used circular reasoning we might conclude that, by writing about the fact that I didn’t write,  I have in fact written and therefore, I have succeeded.

I do feel some accomplishment in powering through the problem.  I did write something and shared it. I hammered out words like a writer is supposed to do. I made something that didn’t exist before. So I will just put a nice check mark on this day of blogging and fix myself another cup of tea.


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  1. Yeah, I think it’s great when we can be adaptable. I wrote some the other day on Facebook that I refined and posted on my blog today. Last night, I also had a moment of inspiration and wrote the draft for a future post, that superseded blogs I did have in the pipeline. I was also thinking about forcing myself to write each post, each day to see what might happen. What new and interesting ideas could I write up without preparing?

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