Attack of the allergens!

I think it is important to tell you that what you are reading is being written through a fog of allergens. This fog makes sure that I can think about 1/8th as quickly and clearly as normal and recommends to me every five minutes that I just go and take a nap.

If you look at the header image on this blog you can see where I couldn’t even do a screenshot properly. Somehow I captured “Scale Document Down” in my screencap. Ugh.

The only reason that I could function at all today is thanks to Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain, which is, of course, my drug of choice.

And so, I now list for you great things from this previous week!

  • My nieces who live just up the road have been visiting the new house frequently. I very much enjoy having them around. They are excellent house guests and my son is over the moon for both of them, as any only child would be, I imagine.
  • Today we painted faces as our big activity. My five-year-old son does not believe in making anything easy on me. He and his cousin both had elaborate plans for what they wanted to be painted on their faces. Both left as satisfied customers.
  • I miss my mother in law’s dogs, Millie and Maggie. I really didn’t like their incessant barking, but now that I do not see them every day, I realized that I even sort of miss the parts that I didn’t like. We shall see how long before I am forced to kidnap them and make them live at the new house with me.
  • This is the 54th post I have written on my blog since August 1st, 2017 and every time I see the number it makes me proud that I have not given up. I do not feel that I have really hit my stride yet in making my daily posts something that would be good for a consistent audience, but I know that not giving up is the only way I will get to a place to find the best way to help others.
  • Tomorrow morning I’ll be organizing my entire pipeline of events and starting to plan for 2018 business. I will need to double my current income to make it next year and I believe it will happen.

Off we go to another week! Let’s all get a good night’s sleep, shall we?


 Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash