23 Days of Blogging with Jason Montoya

In 2014 I made a new friend by way of Twitter. It was the first time I ever reached out to someone on twitter in an @reply to request to meet in real life. I had no idea what I was doing but I had a feeling we would resonate.

Here is the tweet:

Screenshot 2017-07-31 09.41.03

We met for coffee and talked about our mutual passion for helping others. We became fast friends and met frequently to eat Willy’s burritos. We geeked out about movies, books, superheroes and a litany of other topics.

Over the years we have challenged each other in many ways and spurred each other on toward new accomplishments. I pushed him to write a book. He pushed me to focus on what I do best. 

Fast forward to present day where Jason has challenged me to write a blog post every work day throughout August 2017. Here is his first post of the 23 total posts this month.

His challenge came because he hopes more people reading about what I do will generate more business for DuMore Improv, my coaching business, and my freelancing.

Some things I may or may not write about:

(This list is off the top of my head and unedited)

  • Improvisation to train Crucial Conversations
  • How to podcast about an ultra-niche topic
  • Working for a Yes-and-er
  • Science fiction and improv collide
  • Creating your space of safety in an unsafe world
  • Using “Yes” like a sledge-hammer and “No” like a scalpel
  • The Atlanta Improv Dojo
  • The magnificent works of David Rock
  • Books I will try to make you read (if given the chance)
  • A spectacular list of things I fear
  • Oh won’t you come home back to me 1985
  • Why “The Lost Room” is the best sci-fi miniseries of all time

This is my first post for the new challenge. I’d encourage you to join Jason and I in blogging over the course of the month!





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