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As a keynote speaker I bring my knowledge of communications, improvisation and business together to deliver exciting, humorous and engaging talks.


I work with teams to bring ideas from the fringes into the light allowing everyone involved to understand, improve and enlighten their current work together.


Both individually and in small groups I coach to remove obstacles and to prepare my clients for their desired state.

A few of my clients have said...

David Lee

Innovation at UPS

"Jim is a special contributor to a team. In addition to having a tremendously positive attitude and a good sense of humor, Jim brings desperately needed talents that literally don't exist in most corporate environments. He can explain and visualize problems in seconds -- making beautiful images appear effortlessly with a roll of paper and some markers. He is a story teller at heart -- which makes his ability to convey a message and create a memorable experience first-nature to him. He is curious, he is passionate, and he is a joy to work with. There are simply not enough people like Jim in working world. My biggest regret with Jim is that we didn't get to work on enough projects together."

Joonki Noh

Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance

"I highly recommend Jim's detailed coaching for interview and presentation preparation. He has helped me to improve my job market interviews and academic paper presentations. The outcomes from my job market are very positive and I indeed appreciate his help."

Michelle Kabashinski

Michelle Kabashinski

Wellness Coach at YMCA Of Metro Atlanta

"Jim Karwisch wowed us in a room full of professional and new improvisors. He was able to speak to the different levels and helped us to create a utopia, connecting with our partners and as a group. Jim showed us how easily this bubbles over onto stage and into real life. A professional coach, he is organized, fun and inventive. Anyone who has the chance to work with him will learn skills that not only help them to be a better improvisor and/or actor, but also a better human being. I am honored to have worked with Jim and hope we have many more opportunities to do so in the future."

Here are a few things I've written recently...

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